Here is a feature benefit breakdown of our Cuero Aluminum side mirrors. Check the links below to learn more, and see our real-world reviews on Facebook and Amazon! We have clamp sizes 2.0″, 1.875″, 1.75″, and 1.5″ (available by request). Make sure you select the correct size before ordering.


Hi it’s Nick Olson from chupacabra off-road and today I’d like to show you our quarro machined all-aluminum mirrors the mirror hinge and clamp are all machined out of 6061 aluminum these mirrors will work with any size driver and with 360 degrees of adjustment you can mount these low or high on any aftermarket or oem roll cage the low profile clamp design allows these mirrors to mount under most windshields the nylon bushing inside of the hinge reduces vibration and allows for clear vision at all times our x3 version not only has a 1.875 specific cage mount but we also offer a direct mount which bolts onto the factory oem location for another mounting option as well as no interference with any aftermarket windshield these mirrors are completely rebuildable so the glass is replaceable if there is a strike or a crash and we use a 1200 r convex glass which increases the field of vision for better viewing visibility the quarrels are covered by an unlimited lifetime warranty so even in the event of a crash we’ve got you covered customize the look of your side-by-side with these stylish mirrors available in many color options the coil mirrors are now available in 1.75 1.875 and 2.0 inch diameter sizes which will fit most all roll cage models on the market make sure you check our website and specify which size you need before placing your order with over 150 five-star reviews on amazon and over 33 five-star reviews on FaceBook you’ll see that people love these quarrel mirrors and we’ve got the customer service to back it up at chupacabra off-road we make high quality products and we stand behind them check us out on social FaceBook instagram tiktok or YouTube or our website chupacabra offroad for more products and information.