With all the upgrades going on in the SxS world, you might be better off picking up a used rig. You might find a nice car with a roll cage, lights stereo and more installed and ready to go. But you might find a SxS that has been hammered, with no maintenance.

When you are ready to buy, you need to pay close attention to rebates in your local market, along with out the door pricing, so you can determine if buying used will stretch your dollar the most. It’s very difficult to figure out what a good deal is, there’s always a lot less interest based on the season of the year, but hopefully these tips help you if you are looking to buy a SxS that has already been upgraded.

There’s always a group of people that have to have the latest and greatest, so they are selling and upgrading, which is an opportunity to snag a killer deal. A used YXZ1000 is a whole lot of fun for $11k! Each vehicle has a price that would make it a great deal, just make sure you know it’s been taken care of before you buy.