Chupacabra Offroad goes into detail about their new premium t-shirts and hoodies. Watch the video for more!


Here is our new youth team these are available in popular youth sizing 8 10 12 and 14 a small do extra-large my son is five years old he’s just barely fitted into a size small at about 47 inches tall we use a premium materials and a premium vendor for the shirt the vendor is called as color it’s the same vendor of the shirt that I’m wearing myself which was us testing a lot of different shirts to find something that was comfortable that holds up really well after multiple washes that fits a lot of different body types well and it just has that high-quality soft fit and finish this t-shirt’s a pretty simple design available in white nothing on the back three different color variations of the chupacabra logo here on the front we’ve got some premium branding here behind the neck and then also some premium branding with a custom-moulded label to match of course with the cheaper carbon teal this t-shirt retails for twenty dollars like I said four popular youth sizes check them out.