Progress is being made on the X3. The long road of a competitive race car needed to start with the fuel cell and seats, so the chassis could be built (which will be Magnum Offroad). Now, you will see a lot of progress as the chassis builder works their magic. Speaking of chassis, Andrew goes over some of the parts he’s been collecting, which includes additional gusseting for the chassis. Andrew has done a lot of research on what he thinks he will need to put together his dream car. Comment below if this series is helpful, or you have advice or tips for us!


All right so we’re here in the shop and well here it is seats are installed fuel cell’s installed he’s got everything dialed in we went with the glass craft dash carbon fiber thing is sick can’t wait to get all the pci intercom radios gps’s uh the switch pros a lot of a lot of electronics going into this dash so ryan we did a lot of stuff to this uh kind of tell us what you kind of went through and did for us the tubes you took out um it’s crazy that we took a brand new can-am x3 and we cut some of the tubes out of the frame but man does it look good yeah we’ve done a couple of these fuel cell installations here and the stock two-seat chassis um it’s pretty simplistic we remove the oem crossbar that the oemc is attached to you and then in the 2020 chassis there’s two gussets that they put in um under under the seats that we actually remove those and re-gusts at the floor so this car you guys went with the fuel safe system the fuel safe and the pyrotech are very similar systems powertech has some some mounting solutions that i prefer a little bit over the fuel safe but ultimately they’re the same cell this car and that car both have adjustable seat sliders um have multiple drivers co-drivers different seating height so you can kind of go with whatever your preference may be this is a car number three now that we’ve utilized the glass craft dash in it’s a great gash great product very affordable fits great if you ever need a fuel cell installed hit us up hit them up and we can get you dialed in all tig welded super nice clean all the tabs definitely great eight hardware uh the alpha extra wide seats are looking really really good in this thing can’t wait to get them reupholstered and uh see the final final touches to those seats but again going back to the differences between fuel fuel safe and hydrotech as you see there’s nothing mounting this this fuel cell to the actual chassis pretty much what’s holding it down are these little pieces right here and it’s sitting down on top of this on top of the fuel cell and it’s holding it down to the chassis so if we go over here to this other can m um this thing is pretty sweet it’s got the same dash as what we’re going to be running as you can see here glass craft carbon fiber but he’s got ipad in there hds9 he’s got his intercom radio he’s got a switch pro set up pretty dialed in mpi steering wheel of course but as you can see here on the pyrotech cell they actually have welded in bugs and bungs inside the actual cell so he’s able to do tabs and bolt the actual cell 2 to the chassis again another one same thing has the adjustable c mounts this guy’s running nrg seats as you can tell there are a little bit on the smaller side compared to the alpha seats but other than that it looks awesome as you saw we were up at ryan connery’s shop picking up the x3 he got done installing the fuel cell the seats getting the seat mounts he did a really good job on it um I just want to give you guys show you guys kind of the parts that i’ve been stacking up for this build um we still got a lot of work to do uh our next video is going to be us going up to san diego to drop the race car off with magnum off they’re going to be doing part two of this build they’re going to be fabricating doing everything welding gusseting the full chassis but we’re not going to stop there so i just want to show you some of the parts that i got stacked up for the race car um we’ve been working with a lot of different vendors uh mpi lone star s3 power sports evo performance especially with jeffrey’s performance can’t thank you guys enough but check it out so right here we got a mpi steering wheel it’s a 14 inch wheel with the dual buttons pre-wired ready to go uh it’s pretty sleek um so the reason i went with the two buttons is uh one is a push to talk for my intercom and one is a horn I also have a toggle switch for my co-driver to be doing the horn if i’m not paying attention again going with mpi their quick release steering wheel pretty sleek setup fully machined uh rad little part um this car is a 64 inch wide car so we have to go buy the big boy shocks from off an xrs so we got uh pretty much oem xrs shocks which will be tuned uh revalve resprung by uh wayne israelson at all tech motorsports going on to tuning uh you saw that we were at jeffrey’s performance it’s actually there picking up parts for the canon race car uh so evo hooked us up with a bunch of parts i got their oil catch can I got their blog valve i do have their uh full hose kit in my truck I got to take it up to magnum today because they’re gonna be installing or mounting the intercooler assembly for electronics i’m gonna get rid of the small oem uh dash and I picked up a aem cd7 which is going to be controlling all of our electronics you’re going to be able to get the coolant temperatures oil temperatures you’re going to see rpm all kinds of stuff on this thing what’s really cool is you can make your own custom faces so really cool on that one going down to more fabrication more welding we want to make this car as strong as possible so we don’t have any problems any cracks any broken frames later on down the road so we talked to the guys at lone star racing and they sent us their x3 gusset kit which is super beef super thick material all pre-bent ready to go welded on um it’s this thing’s rad going again like I said we want to make this car as strong as possible so another gusset kit that we found was going to be very helpful was s3 power sports this is their I got their rear gusset kit and their front gusset kit krillin arm mounts upper shock mounts a lot of cool different little pieces here in this kit as long as as well as some pre-cut pre-notched tubes that we got to weld into the front of this car and make sure this car is super stout like I said we don’t want to have any problems with the chassis i have some more stuff in the truck that’s going up to magnum off road I have a cbr radiator with the internal oil cooler which is going to be hopefully keep our oil temps down and also keep that car running cool part two of this build coming can’t wait to show you guys like and subscribe we got a lot more coming your way