So after putting a whole 20 miles on a stock X3, Andrew dismantled his X3, to start the long, arduous process of building a race UTV. Unlike the race RZR build we documented, the chassis build is broken into a few steps. For the first step, it’s about getting the huge 29g fuel cell mounted under the driver and passenger, and getting the seats mounted in the correct position.

Once this is complete, the main chassis will be built. Just when we thought one race build was a tedious, tireless process, Andrew decided to start another build! Put on a pot of coffee now… I can assure you there will be many long nights ahead.


What’s going on guys Andrew from chupacabra off-road here just want to give you guys a little update on the km x3 race car build that we got going on pretty much took it down to a bare chassis frame motor tranny suspension components wheels and tires only reason why those suspension components and wheels and tires still on there is the ease of moving it around it is a sixty four inch wide model blowing that suspension stuff off and putting 72 inch wide arms shocks the whole nine yards today we’re actually gonna be heading up to San Diego drop the x3 off with Ryan Connery at connery motorsports he’s gonna be installing our fuel cell from fuel safe it’s a 29 gallon cell crazy to think taking a brand new can-am that’s got 20 miles on it and cutting out the frame here this tube here cutting this tube out here the fuel cell will sit flat down on here will sit almost up all the way to the pedals it’s a big cell but looking forward to it he’s also going to be doing the seat mounts so having an adjustable seat is gonna be huge for when other people want to drive the car in a race you know sometimes the driver doesn’t make it through the whole race they gotta switch drivers so one want to have the adjustability there after we dropped the can-am x3 off with Ryan we’re gonna head up to PRP seats we’re gonna go actually sit in like Alfa composite seats they are a true race seat legal form best of the desert snore any racing sanction that you have it is a full composite containment seat they do have two different models they have a regular and an extra wide version of this seat I’m a big guy I fit in our spark goes in our racecar but I want to just make sure I fit in the right seat and I buy the right seat I could order these online I could order them over the phone but I wanted to make sure that I was getting the right seat for me so we’re gonna be heading Thera to pick those up so we just got done in the PRP showroom picked up our seat molds for our km race build if you haven’t been up here PRP House is a really cool showroom they have everything on display from their seat belt seats door bags limit straps pretty much you name it they have it’s really cool they have all their seats all their styles and every size on their showroom so if you aren’t sure for what seat you’re looking at come down to PRP check them out get to sit on them t which one fits you when we take it to the fabricator for part two of this build we want to make sure I fit in the car so how can the seats happen where the seating position is going to be is what we need it so what the fabricator goes to build the cage they don’t make it too short to where I don’t fit in the car or too tall to make it look ugly so we want to keep that low profile look a lot of things coming up with this building it’s gonna be a long process I was hoping to have this car done within six months but it’s probably not gonna happen as you saw with our razor we’re still going down we’re out of the holes as you saw one of our videos we blew the motor in there so we want to make this thing right from the get-go so we can alleviate a lot of those problems as you know the can-am x3 chassis is very very weak especially on the front end so we’re gonna be doing a lot of gusset kits I did a lot of material to this frame along with using multiple companies desiccants such as s3 as well as Lone Star racing you guys like the content please like and subscribe also if you guys have any questions on any of our builds like the tube turbo twins the razor race car as well as the can-am x3 race car please drop this comment below or check us out on Facebook and Instagram.