The 2020 models are starting to release, making it an exciting time of year. Honda strikes first, followed closely by Can Am. Polaris is releasing their 2020 offerings in late July, and there might be something interesting from Kawasaki? Here are our thoughts on what Honda and Can Am have for 2020. Honda has not yet released pricing on their Talon 4 models. It’s very cool to see another manufacturer offer the Live Valve Fox shock technology. We really think this technology is great and will only get better when tuners can change the digital settings to customize for specific environments.

Here’s the link to our test drive of the Honda Talon this Spring in Sand Hollow, Utah:…

This link is a great “deep dive” into all the model year changes from Can Am, you can skip through the first section to get to the X3’s.

It’s a bummer the X3 RS Turbo R model comes equipped with the Visco Lock, it would have been the deal of the year with a Smart Lok. I think many Southwest owners don’t care too much, if they mainly dune and ride in the desert, versus those of us who like some rear rock crawling in places like Moab and Sand Hollow. 195 horsepower is a big deal in our sport, it will not be long before an OEM comes to market with 200+ hp on the showroom floor.

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